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def Archetypes::ArchetypeTool::ArchetypeTool::manage_templates (   self,
  REQUEST = None 

set all the template/type mappings

Definition at line 445 of file ArchetypeTool.py.

00445                                             :
        """set all the template/type mappings"""
        prefix = 'template_names_'
        for key in REQUEST.form.keys():
            if key.startswith(prefix):
                k = key[len(prefix):]
                v = REQUEST.form.get(key)
                self.bindTemplate(k, v)

        add = REQUEST.get('addTemplate')
        name = REQUEST.get('newTemplate')
        if add and name:

        return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(self.absolute_url() + "/manage_templateForm")

    ## Type/Schema Management

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